At Gryglin Coaching everyone can find something for themselves! 
We offer different packages:

Personalised Meal Plans - from £59.99

What's included? detailed meal plan: breakdown of macro nutrients (protein, carbohydrates and fats) based on individual needs and goals, specific calories and macros, big variation of meals

Online Coaching - from £99.99

What's included? bespoke training plan, detailed meal plan, weekly check-ins, specific calories and macros, 24/7 email/text support, skype or whatssup video calls, proven result driven methods, 1 free PT session a month

Personalised Workout Programmes - from £59.99

What's included? bespoke training plan designed for your needs and goals, demonstration videos/picture of the exercises, science-based and evidence-based exercises

1 to 1 Personal Training - from £39.99

What's included? free consultation, 60 minutes each session, science-based and evidence-based exercises, nutritional advise. Different packages available!

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